Your child is diagnosed with ADHD.

What is it? 

Why does the doctor prescribe medication?

Is it safe? 

What do I need to do to help my child be successful in school and with friends?

  • We can answer all of these questions and help you make a concise, easy-to-use individualized treatment plan to help your child reach full potential.   
  • You will be able to confidently take charge of your child's treatment from a secure position of knowledge. 
  • We have an easy to use system to help you understand the lastest scientific research about ADHD. 
  • Our program includes objective education about the disorder using the guidelines presented by American Academy of Pediatrics. .
  • We provide an explanation about the treatment options so you can make an educated decision for your child. 
  • You'll get an effective parenting plan for improving behaviors at home, 
  • ... a plan for getting the help you need for your child from your school, 
  • ... and a plan to help you work with your doctor in order to get the best treatment for your child.



We provide all of these essential tools and support for you  in a 4-session coaching program: click here to find out more.

 Local Services

ADHD Solutions Center offers local, in-office help for residents of the Temecula Valley. Click on Local Services for more information.


For Physicians

We have services to help your patients be better educated and more compliant. Click on For Physicians.

Your School Rights


If your child has a diagnosis of ADHD, you may be entitled to special services from your school district, even if your child attends a private school. Read chapters 1-5 of this document.


We help parents learn how to get the most out of services available to them.

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  • ADHD is a neuro-biological behavioral disorder.  It is a problem with brain chemistry. 
  • It is a chronic disorder that interferes with a person's ability to stay focused when doing boring, routine or ordinary activities.  
  •  It is a developmental delay disorder. Children with ADHD mature at a slower rate than their peers.  Most children with ADHD are about 30% behind their peers in maturation (the ability to focus attention, control impulses and organize their activities).  So a 10 year old may have the approximate maturity level of 7 years.  
  • It is a spectrum disordersymptom severity can range from mild to severe. You can rate symtoms from a low of "1" to a high of "10" or anywhere in between. 


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