Family problems with ADHD

How does ADHD affect the families of the children who have this disorder?

Because ADHD is a highly inherited condition, it is possible that one or more members of the child's family suffers from the same symptoms of disorganization and lack of ability to concentrate as theidentified patientd. This often greatly increases the amount of stress that the family experiences, especially if the other person with ADHD is a parent. 

Here are some ways that ADHD causes additional stress for families. 

  • Homework, homework, homework... the number one major battle in a home with a child who has ADHD. It is likely to be a time of extreme stress for both parent and child since it is so difficult to get the child to sit and do more school work at home.
  • Morning and evening routines are often difficult. It is hard to get these children structured to brush their teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast and get to school on time. The same is true about getting them to prepare for sleep.
  • Living with a child who has ADHD puts a lot of stress on marriages. It is common for parents to disagree about whether the child has a disorder, and how to parent and discipline the child. Parents often blame the other parent about the problems the child is having at school and home. It is not an easy disorder to live with. 


This is just a small list of the problems these families face when they are trying to manage a child with this disability. I hope it helps you to understand these sometimes "frazzled" parents a little bit better. We are all working to help the children do the best they can in school and in life. .

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