Can you recommend a good book about ADHD?

We like ADHD: WHAT EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO KNOW by THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS. It is edited by Michael I. Reiff, MD, and Sherill Tippins. The title says it all. This book is written to help parents understand the latest research-based guidelines about ADHD. This quote from the introduction of the book sums up the purpose of the book. "The most reliable and consistent information is what we call evidence-based . Evidence-based medicine unites the unique clinical expertise of your child's physician with the best clinical evidence from systematic research studies in making decisions about the care of your child and family This book gives parents the up-to-date information about current ADHD research, evaluation, treatments, and unproven treatments. It talks about behavior modification systems to use at home and shows parents how to work with the school to help their chil  When a parent or teacher finishes reading it they will have "just the facts" as the medical community knows them today. There are no drug companies underwriting this publication, so it is one of the most objective books I have read on the subject. You will have a hard time finding it in a bookstore (it is not on the best seller list) but you can order on or request that your local bookstore order it for you. I keep a supply on hand in my office for people who want to read it and not order it online. It is not even expensive. It lists for about $16 plus tax. I consider it the first book to read when you are investigating this subject. Amazon has it.

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