Support for the Parent 


Coaching: Managing a New Diagnosis


At ADHD Solutions Center, our main focus is helping parents manage their children's treatment and school life.  There's a lot to learn in your new capacity as advocate. Our coaching plan for parents of newly-diagnosed children focuses on understanding the disorder and its treatment, parenting techniques that will help at home, and planning for and managing school progress.

Coaching consists of four sessions; each is about 45 minutes long. Between sessions, you will have some homework to do, and can ask questions by e-mail.  This program can be done either in person, if you are local, or by phone from any location.

Session one: Assessment. I will ask you a series of questions to determine what are the major problems that you and your child are experiencing in home and school. We will determine how much you still need to learn about ADHD. We will put together a set of tools that you need to learn in order to get started taking charge of your child's progress and success at home and school. 


After this session, I will put together a binder with information and forms to fit your specific needs. You will receive this binder, and a book about ADHD. 


Session two: Using the Information. We will go over the forms and how to use them. You can ask any questions that you have from the book about ADHD. 


Session three: Parenting. We will go over the parenting system. I will coach you with the behavioral changes you need to use to parent most effectively. 


Session four: School. We will go over your school rights and how to get your school to support your child during the school year. 

Coaching sessions are conducted either in person or by phone at a time convenient to you. To learn more about this program, please use the form on the Contact page, or telephone.


Other Coaching

Besides coaching for parents of the newly diagnosed, we offer other programs for clients with other needs.

Support Coaching

Some parents request ongoing support to help manage a particular problem.


Coaching for Adult ADD

Adults with attention problems can often benefit from coaching too. Like a mentor, the coach helps you set goals and stick to them.


These prgrams are customized to meet each client's specific needs. For more information, please use the Contact form, or telephone.

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