Services Available to the Local Community

In our Murrieta offices, we offer a variety of services to members of the local community. 




We always start with a comprehensive history, review of educational status, and then talk about strategic goals. Then we recommend reading, make a treatment plan, and send you home from your first visit with some tools you can start using immediately.
If you suspect your child has an attention problem, some level of evaluation is probably in order.  This is particularly important if your child's or family's medical history suggest that there may be some other problem or problems that may complicate, or even masquerade as, attention problems. We have several levels of evaluation available.
Assistance with Physicians and Schools
If you're not an expert on attention problems, you probably don't know what to ask your doctor, what side-effects of medication to look for, or what you can reasonably expect from medication. We provide education and monitoring tools to help you get the most from your relationship with your doctor. Also, your child is probably eligible for at least some in-class accommodations; we help you figure out what would help, and how to get your school to be your child's ally.
Group meetings for parents
From time to time, we offer a short series of group meetings for parents of children with attention problems. These are part education, part support, and a lot of "sharing what works."
Group meetings for kids
Children with attention problems often have special problems that can best be addressed in small groups. For example, they ofen develop social skills more slowly than their peers. We offer a social skills group for 8-11 year olds, in which they learn how to get along with their peers.
ADHD Tutoring
Children with attention problems often learn differently than most of their peers. That's one of the reasons they have trouble in school. We have tutors who have special training or experience in teaching children with ADD, and reaching them by the learning techniques that's best for the individual.
Individual or Family Counseling
Especially if attention problems are not diagnosed and remedied early enoucn, children often have developed other mental health problems, such as anxiety or even depression. And family conflict can develop when one child seems to get more than a fair share of attention. We offer counseling and therapy for these problems.
Services to Schools
We offer in-service presentations to local school districts. These present an overview of attntion disorders, news on latest research, and concrete suggestions for classroom techniques that can help teachers reach their students with attention problems.  This program is easily adapted to other audiences, such as day-care workers, counselors, etc.

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