Linda M. Donnelly, MFT


Hello, I'm Linda Donnelly, a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 20 years of experience in private practice with families and children. I was motivated to specialize in treating children with ADHD in 2000. My son was then in second grade when he was diagnosed with this disorder. 
When I heard the diagnosis, I panicked, because the few children I had seen with ADHD had not done well in school or at home. This was not what I wanted to happen to my son or my family.
I was sad and confused and wanted someone to take my hand and say, "Read this, do that, and I will support you while you help your son reach his goals in life." I wanted specific, well-researched, cost-effective coaching on how to deal with this problem. I found that there was no one in my community who could provide that. 
So I decided to learn everything I could about ADHD treatment for children. I sought out the best experts in the country who had the latest scientific information about ADHD. I attended training given by Dr. Russell Barkley (author of Taking Charge of ADHD), Dr. Daniel Amen (author of Healing ADD) and Dr. Thomas Gordon (founder of Effectiveness Training). I read everything I could find on the subject, and I put together a treatment plan for my son. 
Soon, I had a plan I could offer other parents of kids with attention problems.  In 2004, my husband and I opened ADHD Solutions Center to help other parents who have a child with ADHD. I found that there were many adults still challenged by ADHD, and adapted the program for them too.

So whether you're a mom or dad looking for help, or an adult dealing with your own symptoms, we can offer you help through evaluation, education, counseling, coaching, and accommodation planning. Please click here to read about our coaching program.

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